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Congratulations to our September 2014 Prize Winners!
(winners drawn on October 1, 2014)
1st Prize - $500:   Eudice Paras, BCBQ Max Azaria Group
2nd Prize - $200:  Erica Fernandez, Selloffvacations.com
3rd Prize - $100:  Anna Underwood, OK Travel and Service Inc.
4th Prize - $100:  Zoe Bevill, Greystone Co-Op Travel
5th Prize - $100:  Alexis Parker, Flight Centre Ambleside
6th Prize - $100: Melanie Lisowik, Fareconnect.com
7th Prize - $100:  Jose Calzada, American Express
8th Prize - $100:  Tracy Van Assendelft, League City Travel, Inc.
9th Prize - $100:  Quentin Lachaud, Odenza Vacation
10th Prize - $100:  Marti Callister, American Express
November 1st for more Cash Prizes!