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Congratulations to our July 2014 Prize Winners!
(winners drawn on August 1, 2014)
1st Prize - $500:  Andrew Dixon, Pnnacle Travel
2nd Prize - $200:  Cindy Luedtke, Fox World Travel
3rd Prize - $100:  Gina Cianflone, Liberty Travel
4th Prize - $100:  Elisa Johnson, Delight Travel
5th Prize - $100: Debbie Polk, Brighton Cruise and Travel
6th Prize - $100:  Tysain Bryand, BCD Travel
7th Prize - $100:  Brenda Luhman, Suntime Travel
8th Prize - $100:  Lucia Figueroa, American Express
9th Prize - $100:  Kathy Thomas, Leidos Travel
10th Prize - $100:  Catherine Martinez, American Express
on September 1st for more Cash Prizes!